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Empowering people to follow Jesus in worship, community & mission

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There's nothing like a crisis to show you who you really are.  And when it comes to crises, many of us tend to think that God is trying to teach us some ki... Read More

Featured Event

Prayer is the engine of our church - on the first Monday of each month we gather together to seek God's presence through worship and revelation, for ourselves, ... Read More

Thoughts & Resources

"It’s a beautiful thing to collectively work for the same goal of serving Christ by serving others." How connecting to a ministry team helped Anya's relationship with God and others to grow......Read More

"I used to use my Sundays to sleep till after lunch time and watch rubbish on tv most of the day which I thought was the best use of my day...I’m not sure what changed and why I suddenly felt led to join my dad at church one Sunday, but looking back it was most definitely a divine moment."...Read More

"Being in a team is such a supportive and encouraging place to grow in your gifts and often others call out the potential in you that your insecurities hide." Chloe shares her experiences of building with the Centrepoint family......Read More