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Empowering people to follow Jesus in worship, mission & community

Featured Sermon

What is the Kingdom of God?  Why does it matter?  How can it manifest in our lives? Our special guest, Pastor Phillip Steele, unpacks these questions... Read More

Featured Event

Once a year we take time after church to reflect on family business - our finances, upcoming dates, and other key information.... Read More

Thoughts & Resources

What does the bible mean by sonship? Does this exclude women, or relegate them to second class children of God? Discover what the bible means by 'sonship,' and why it's wonderfully good news for both genders!...Read More

Find out more about what the God Test is and how it can help you learn to engage in gospel conversations with confidence, grace, and joy! ...Read More

Most of us have had the experience of reading the bible, seeing the promises of freedom and fullness of life and then looking at our own lives and wondering 'where is the disconnect?'...Read More