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Empowering people to follow Jesus in worship, community & mission

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"We don't need walls to protect us, we need the truth to enliven us."  Jamie Macrae shares how the revelation of truth transformed his life and can transf... Read More

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CPC Edinburgh's weekly 10:30 am gathering at St. Thomas of Aquins HS. The service lasts from 10:30 am to 11:45 but we normally hang around afterward drinking c... Read More

Thoughts & Resources

Most of us have had the experience of reading the bible, seeing the promises of freedom and fullness of life and then looking at our own lives and wondering 'where is the disconnect?'...Read More

"It’s a beautiful thing to collectively work for the same goal of serving Christ by serving others." How connecting to a ministry team helped Anya's relationship with God and others to grow......Read More

"I used to use my Sundays to sleep till after lunch time and watch rubbish on tv most of the day which I thought was the best use of my day...I’m not sure what changed and why I suddenly felt led to join my dad at church one Sunday, but looking back it was most definitely a divine moment."...Read More