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Ministry Teams

We love our volunteers!  Serve God, bless the church, and get to know new folks by joining one of our awesome ministry teams - get in touch with one of our leaders if you'd like to be part of it!

Kids' Church

Centrepoint Kids partners with families to teach and train children in the gospel in a safe and fun environment. We aim to make teaching God fun so that God is attractive for the children, and encourage them to explore and deepen their own relationship with God. Contact Grace Wright.


We are committed to providing a place in which all experience the hospitable love of Christ, in order to build community and extend His grace. Practically, our hospitality team is devoted to providing fresh baked food for the church every week, coffees and teas, and an atmosphere of welcome and family. Contact Claire McColl.


We are committed to physically build a space in which the church can worship, interact with God and have fellowship. The Production Team uses its skill and might, given from God, for God, to build an atmosphere where people can encounter God and participate in community in Centrepoint Church. Contact Mike Dowds.


We are committed to serving The Lord by creating a rich sound environment so that our community can worship together without hindrance. Our responsibilities set the atmosphere for each service and ensure that people can experience God through worship and preaching. Contact James Whitehouse.


We are committed to welcome each person to church, no matter who they are, the way that Christ has welcomed us. We develop a community atmosphere and ensure that people have a positive experience of church from the moment they step inside the doors. Contact Carolyn Vass.


We are committed to declaring and celebrating the glory of who God is and what He has done for us through Jesus!  We create space for people to come together to worship God and enjoy His presence through music, song, and spoken word.  Contact Tim Johnson.