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Room to Grow!

RoomToGrowTitleMEDIUMCentrepoint is on the move!  At the start of September 2017 we transitioned from our old meeting space in the drama studio into the assembly hall of St. Thomas of Aquin's High School, as a step of faith in response to the growth we're trusting that God is going to bring in and through our church.

It's an exciting season for our church, and we'd love you to be part of it!  Here's why we're doing it, how it's going to work, and what we need to do to make it happen:


Our reason for doing this is simple - we're convinced that Jesus has more people for us to reach in our city!  Our former space in the drama studio was a wonderful spot over the past few years, but if we'd stayed there we'd never have outgrown it.  So we've taken a step of faith, cast our nets on the other side, and made room for the people who aren't yet among us.  


On 3 September we made the move into our new room and spent a couple of weeks getting settled in, making it into a great space for people to encounter Jesus and connect with our community.

Then on 17 September we threw a fantastic LAUNCH PARTY!  We celebrated all that God has done in our church, welcomed back students old and new, and capped it all off with in true Centrepoint fashion with a mighty brunch after the service!  It was a wonderful way to kick off the new semester, new season, in our new space!


Practically speaking, to make this move sustainable we need to see our giving income increase by at least £1000 per month, to cover the costs of things like our new space, our van, and insurance.  

Together with our trustees and elders, we've set a target of raising the additional income by the end of the year, to allow us to make the assembly hall our permanent home.  So we want to invite you prayerfully consider how God might be calling you to help us reach that goal.

Since we launched our fundraising campaign on Sunday 20 August, we've already seen over 60% of our goal reached in giving pledges!*  Join us, and in faith let's see that target met and exceeded before the end of 2017!


Here's how you can join our fundraising campaign:

1.  If you're one of our existing monthly givers, simply adjust your standing order by the increase you'd like to make.

2.  To become a new monthly giver, you can either set up a standing order using our bank details, or use our secure online giving portal to set up a direct debit - find all the details here. 

Remember to designate your donation as 'Giving: Edinburgh Tithes And Offerings' in the drop down menu.

So we can keep track of our progress, please drop our pastor Gordon an email to confirm your giving - we'll be providing monthly updates to let you know how we're getting on!

You can also listen to Gordon sharing the why, how, and what of our big move here.

Join us for this journey, and let's see what Jesus can do!




*Giving total correct as of time of writing - Monday 18 September 2017