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Archives for January 2016

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How to Build Solid Foundations

We know we need foundations in our faith but how do we build them? How do we get solid in our faith? Here's four ways......

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BOOM! 3 reasons we've blown up community groups

BOOM! 3 reasons we've blown up community groups Community Groups have been an intrinsic part of Centrepoint Church for years. They've been a phenomenal place to meet people and to grow in God. They've been a highlight of my week and a source of weekly encouragement for many of us. So why on earth would we want them gone? Here's the good news straight away they are not p...

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Three Reasons You Need Firm Foundations

In life, just as in building, we all need foundations. As christians we need to be sure to build deep foundations in our faith to allow us to stand strong when the going gets tough. ...

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How to Beat January

January is a month of cold, rain and not much sunlight. We have two choices... hunker down and tough it out, or take it on and win. We choose the latter...whose with us?...

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