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Extreme Makeover: Community Groups Edition

This summer we pulled out the sledgehammer, dawned some goggles and renovated Community Groups to make them smaller, easier to run and more efficient. Here's the story......

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The Structure of Poetry

The Structure of Hebrew Poetry Before we begin to analyze specific Psalms, we need one more post about reading. It would be impossible to properly understand how the language of a Psalm works without some introductory understanding of the structure of Hebrew poetry. Poetry is a feature in many books of the Old Testament, found throughout Job, in Jonah 2, and in many of th...

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Poetry in Motion

The Psalms are poems. As such, they are rhythmic, they are evocative, and at times, they are difficult to understand. I read a lot of poetry, and believe me, the Psalms are astoundingly good poems. However, I don't know many people who read or enjoy poetry. This isn't the place to teach reading poetry, and I wouldn't be qualified to teach such a thing, but as one who loves...

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An Invitation

The Psalms make up the ancient hymn book of the people of God. The language of the Psalms is rhythmic and its imagery is powerful. However, the Psalms are more than simple songs of devotion. Many books of the Bible provide great detail about the events and theological beliefs of God's people, and although the Psalms do this as well, they stand out among the rest of Scri...

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7 Reasons We're Starting a Second Service

Here are just some of the reasons the elders and leadership team reached this decision....

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Resting in His Presence

This is a blessed season for us at Centrepoint. Our church is growing and thriving. We have long laboured and prayed - and God is a God who answers. In moments like these, it's good to practice thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a holiday I know well as an American. Pumpkin flavoured cake? Yes, please. I've already had it a few times this weekend. I've had many chats about re...

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Generation Edinburgh Update

Miriam James-Griffiths is a dynamic woman of God who has founded a Christian dance school in Edinburgh called Generation Edinburgh, which is almost a year old. We prayerfully support her and wanted to share this encouraging update. What's been happening at GE?We now have 12 pupils ranging from 3-10 years of age (split into 3 classes) and they are a brilliant bunch, I am s...

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Church as a Family

Isaiah 45:18-20 For thus says the LORD, who created the heavens (he is God!), who formed the earth and made it (he established it; he did not create it empty, he formed it to be inhabited!): I am the LORD, and there is no other. Assemble yourselves and come; draw near together, you survivors of the nations! Many single women and men jump from church to church, trying to d...

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Lois Blogs about Jonah

Lois is one of our church members. She's almost finished with uni, helps us with many areas of church life, and has a great sense of humour. Aligning with our Jonah sermon series, she shares some reflections about a Jonah experience she had. You can read about her experience here. :)...

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Second Chances

Going through the book of Jonah has been so refreshing and encouraging. I never before realised what a book of hope this short book of the Bible is! Sunday morning, I wasn't feeling refreshed and encouraged when I arrived to help set up for church. Some difficult events in my week had left me thinking God was repaying me for some sins (what a blatant lie of the enemy!). L...

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