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7 Reasons We're Starting a Second Service

new service times cityscapeStarting 31 August 2014, Centrepoint Edinburgh will have two worship gatherings. One at 10AM, the other at 12PM. This decision has been made through much prayer, discussion, and thought. Here are just some of the reasons the elders and leadership team reached this decision.

1- We want to reach more people for Jesus.

Right now if you want to be a part of CPC there is only one way to do that. Arrive on Sunday morning at 11am. By opening a second service this will double the opportunities and options for getting involved and getting to know Jesus. Having two services will allow for a greater diversity of people to be connected with CPC.

2- We need space to grow.

By opening a second service we are creating more room for our church community to grow. At the moment no more than 60 people can fit comfortably in our room. By starting a second service we’re effectively doubling that. Most importantly we’re doubling our space for people to come to know Jesus in CPC.

3- We will provide better ministry for our community.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to encounter God and real community. With growing numbers of people attending CPC, it is becoming more difficult to ensure everyone is welcomed, prayed for, invited to events and service opportunities that are a big part of how we do ministry and discipleship. By gathering in two smaller services, rather than continuing to grow one large service, it will be easier to genuinely minister to each person who attends our worship gathering.


4- We want to keep our community feel.

CPC is currently a welcoming and open community. This is an easy thing to lose and we want to focus on keeping our ‘community feeling.’ Remaining in a smaller venue will help us do this. 

5- It will give more opportunities to lead.

We are going to need a lot of help to make running two services sustainable and great. This autumn we are introducing ‘co-leaders’ to our ministry teams to ease the growing pressures of recruiting, training, and supporting our teams. By starting a second service we are opening new opportunities to lead in CPC.


6- It will be cost effective.

While we want to spare no expense on our worship gatherings, we also want to be sure we are being wise stewards of our finances. Moving down the hall into the large room would cost us an additional £80 per week. At only an extra £30 per week our second service is making financial sense too.


7- We will have an opportunity to grow our faith and trust God to come through.

Like any worthwhile endeavour, starting a new service is not going to be easy. This is a great opportunity for us to grow in faith and prayer. Jesus said, “I will build my church,” and “(you) go make disciples.” While we focus on our job of developing people, we are going to trust God to do his part and establish his church. He’s the head of it; he’ll make it happen.