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Right after preaching on adoption a few weeks ago, a friend of mine who works at Scottish Adoption reached out to me. She told me about how her charity is reaching out to faith based organisations as they’ve seen that Christians have a particularly favourable view of adoption. We don’t see it as a last ditch, undesirable, second class parenthood. We understand the value and legitimacy of it because, every last one of us has been adopted ourselves.

As recipients of adoption one wonderful response is to become adoptive parents. I recently told the amazing story of God filling his promise to my step mother though adoption, it’s something that’s particularly close to my heart. My friend encouraged me to put some feelers out in our church to see if anyone would be interested in more information on how the process practically works in Scotland. She also mentioned that more people are eligible to be adoptive parents than the public generally imagines. So if you would like more information, please let me know. Scottish Adoption would love to stop by Centrepoint to hold a meeting after one of our services for those interested in more information.

Contact: nathan.lewis@centrepointchurch.org

RON AND LYNETTE LEWIS MIRACLE from Lynette Lewis on Vimeo.