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Build with Us: Anya's Story

Q: What brought you to Centrepoint Church?

A: I came to Centrepoint Church because I knew a few people that went to it, and in fresher’s week of my first year at university I visited it with the CU Church Search. 

Q: Why did you decide that this was your church?

A: During my first year of university I went along to a lot of Centrepoint events with my friends that went to the church, such as the Thanksgiving dinner, GodTalks, even Community Group brunches. I decided to start going to Centrepoint on some Sunday mornings. People in the church were so welcoming and generous, and I liked how small and close knit the church family seemed to be compared to other churches I had been to, so I soon decided to make Centrepoint my church.

Q: Tell me, in your own words, is the nature of how you are building with Centrepoint Church.

A: I joined the production team just over a year ago. Our aim is to help provide a space where people can come together and meet with God, which involves setting up the room with signs and equipment, running the slides during the service, and take-down at the end. I now lead production, where my role is to empower others to serve God and the church through being part of the team. It’s a beautiful thing to collectively work for the same goal of serving Christ by serving others, and through it God is deepening my relationships with Him and with the Centrepoint family.

Q: How has serving/building in Centrepoint changed/affected your relationship with God?

A: Through serving in Centrepoint I’ve grown closer to God. Acts of service are also acts of worship, and through worshipping God in this way, my relationship with Him has deepened. I believe it’s a privilege rather than just a duty to use my gifts to serve in the church, and through it God has been focusing me more on Him and on His purpose for my life.

Q: How has serving/building in Centrepoint changed/affected your relationships with people in the church?

A: Serving in Centrepoint has really helped me connect and build relationships with other people in the church; I’ve found that my relationships at Centrepoint have really deepened ever since I joined the production team. It’s about being a part of the church family, and there’s no better way to become a part of it than to practically serve with your God-given gifts. Coming in earlier and leaving later on some Sunday mornings to serve has meant more time interacting with and building relationships with others in the church, and people from different stages of life, not just other students.