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Build with Us: Scott's story

During our Build With Us series, we are catching up with people that are part of ministry teams here at Centrepoint to find out how building with their church family has impacted their lives.

Scott Headley first came to Centrepoint Church around 8-years ago, due to what he describes as a "divine moment" that has changed the trajectory of his life. 

We've been chatting with him and hearing his story...

Q:What brought you to Centrepoint Church?

A: Well I had just left home after finishing school and I was offered a job in Edinburgh with my dad. I used to use my Sundays to sleep till after lunch time and watch rubbish on tv most of the day which I thought was the best use of my day. My dad used to invite me along to church most weeks but I would decline in preference of my sleep. Eventually though I decided I would give it a try. I was brought up as a Christian and used to go to church so it wasn’t a brand new experience for me but I had turned my back on God and the church for a while as I have never really felt part of it before and I’m very glad that I did.

Q: Why did you decide that this was your church?

A: I think I decided that Centrepoint was going to be my church roughly two/three weeks in! It didn’t take long but thats because pretty much instantaneously I was welcomed in as if I was part of a family! There was a Pastor called Adam Mabry, who was part of the initial church planting team, and in one of his first conversations with me he asked if I would like to be a part of the setup team! He explained that they helped to create the space for the Sunday service to take part in and they were always looking for new volunteers to help lighten the load. I couldn’t believe that there was no requirement for a deep relationship or a certain attendance percentage in order to “be in” all it required was you to be able and willing. This great sense of community only got deeper and deeper as I got to know those in the team and also in the wider church and it was pretty much from that day on that Centrepoint became my church.

Q: Tell me, in your own words, is the nature of how you are building with Centrepoint Church.

A: Over the 7/8 years that I have been a part of Centrepoint my ‘building’ relationship has taken many different forms. I started as part of the set-up (now production) team and ended up taking over as the ministry leader of that team for quite some time. I have also been on the kids team helping to create a safe and fun environment for our children to hear about God and grow with each other. When I handed over the leadership of that team I decided to try my hand on the Sound/Technical team and I have been working alongside a fantastic group ensuring we help to create an environment that is easy to worship in.I am also on the preaching roster and although I’ve not been able to preach recently, due to hectic life, this will be changing later this year which I am very much looking forward to.

My most recent ‘building’ capacity is that of the Life of Freedom Ministry Leader. This is one of the newest ministries in our church and one which has brought both, deep personal healing and freedom, but also a great deal of corporate freedom also. This has been a very exciting ministry for our church and involves some 1-on-1 ministry into areas of our life where we have perhaps been hurt, or are living believing lies about ourselves or God, where we are not experiencing the freedom and love that God originally designed us for. Then using prophetic ministry and listening for God’s voice we help to ministry truth and healing into those areas so that we may experience a more intimate relationship with God.

Q: How has serving/building in Centrepoint changed/affected your relationship with God?

A: Serving/Building has been instrumental in helping to equip me with the right tools to deepen my relationship with God. It’s been through working with one another, living in community with one and other and challenging one another that I have really been able to see so many different aspects of God that I might have missed if it had just been me on this journey. That is the great thing about Centrepoint Church, we really are a body. And we have always been encouraged to walk this journey with one and other and this has always been modelled from the front.

There is no double standards for the Pastors and they are always the first to publicly repent if they have fallen short of the standard the expect us all to walk in and their humility has really challenged me in my walk with God.

Another thing which has been really helpful for me personally has been the prayer time that happens at 10am before the service where all those serving (and anyone else who wants to join) press into God’s presence before the service begins. This really helps set the atmosphere for church and has been great to help me really leave my week behind and enter into Gods presence and all he has for me.

So in summary it’s been in living life with one and other, being real with one another that I have really been able to experience community like it was originally designed for and through this been able to grow closer to God and experience him more fully.