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Build With Us: Real Stories - Andrew & Lois Campbell

Andrew Campbell started coming along to Centrepoint seven years ago when he moved over from his native Northern Ireland to go to university at Heriot Watt. Almost as soon as he started coming along, he found himself getting involved: 

"When I first came along I was asked to help out on the set up team which I knew would be a struggle for me as I don’t do mornings!

"I decided to get involved anyway and discovered it was a great way to serve the church and get to know a number of great people in the church. I got to know some of the guys in the team really well and through serving together we were able to encourage and challenge each other to grow in our faith at the same time.

"I later went on to lead the setup team and continue to serve Centrepoint who had so often helped to encourage me to grow in my faith with God. Since building a strong team of guys I passed on the role and became involved in leading a community group and playing in one of the worship teams with my wife."

Choosing to build with the church in serving and community has had a transformational effect for Andrew in his relationship with Jesus:

"Serving over the years, especially recently, has really challenged me to trust God and know that I can rely on Him to support me as I serve in this church. I’m so thankful for the community God has put us in and for the blessing they have been and will continue to be in our lives."

It was Andrew that invited Lois along to Centrepoint in the first instance. She came along on the back of an experience of serving where she was left feeling like she was running on empty. She explains:

"I was feeling completely drained and worn out by the church I had been attending. I felt like I was constantly giving out of myself and my time and didn’t feel like the church, or it’s leadership were invested in me. Instead, I felt taken advantage of as a student but also boxed in by the title.

"When Andrew encouraged me to just settle in a church, rather than being a nomad, he suggested I go along to Centrepoint with him one week.

"I was reticent to go along because my previous experience of churches, so far and especially as a student, had been nothing but negative but when I arrived at Centrepoint it was completely different.

Getting past her initial hesitance, Lois soon got connected into a loving caring community, of which she and Andrew - who have since gotten married to each other - are pillars. Lois remembers her initial experience fondly:

"I was approached by numerous people who instead questions about me, not my university or my degree. They asked about my life, they wanted to invest in me.

"I was encouraged, IMMEDIATELY to start attending a community group. No one cared which one, they didn’t care if it was student or non-student, they just knew the importance of having spiritual back up, accountability and most importantly, community.

"I had never experienced community like this, I never known people to actually remember my name on a week in, week out basis. I never expected a pastor to check in on me when I didn’t attend.

"It was wholly new so I threw myself in, because it was a taste of what I knew community should be like and I wanted more! Community group was pivotal for me to feel a part of the church but before long I was approached about singing in the worship team and within a short space of time I was up singing at the front (not long after that, I Was leading?! Even though I was always determined to never lead - Jesus had a different plan!)

"As I invested more in this community, the community invested more in me. I saw finally what a missional community was like, it was almost like the Bible became more real to me because I had a spiritual family walking through life with me for the first time!"

Being plugged into a solid, caring church family that seeks God together has also given the Campbells the support we all need in life.


"Centrepoint has been with us throughout a lot of ups and downs, supporting us constantly, we’ve had prayer partners throughout our individual Christian walks, as well as our relationship with each other.

"Centrepoint has walked with us through our first few years of marriage and we’re so delighted to be able to call it our Home, and a place full of Godly people whom we can rely on, pray with and pray for. There is not a week goes by where I don’t thank God for blessing us with such an incredible church family."

Andrew & Lois experienced God in powerful ways as the connected to serving and community. The same invitation that they accepted is open to you too: will you come and Build With Us?

We have Community Groups meeting throughout the week and opportunities to serve on Sunday mornings in worship, set-up, sound, kids ministry, hospitality and welcome. Email Rory.Macdonald@centrepointchurch.org for more details.