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Build With Us: Real Stories - Scott Headley


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Scott Headley has been part of Centrepoint Church for years. He has served almost everywhere imaginable and is now a pillar of the community and a blessing to our church family. 

This is his story of how serving in our church has brought his relationship with Jesus to life and knit him into the fabric of the community:

"I’ve been a part of a ministry team at Centrepoint Church since almost day one. My dad was the first local to attend this church and a few years later after finishing high school and moving back to Edinburgh for work he invited me along.

"I had barely begun to suss out the church when one of the Pastor’s (Adam Mabry) recruited me. He asked me to help out on Sunday mornings with the setup team and I felt so honoured to have been asked that I accepted immediately. Instantly I felt like part of something, even if, at that time, I didn’t fully know what that something was.

"Serving on that setup team was a crucial part of what led me to call Centrepoint my church and continuing to be involved in some capacity or another is what still brings me down from Perthshire an hour every Sunday morning.

"Even when I am serving and have to be there at 8:30am, I do it with a smile on my face, as I know I am contributing in some small part to the church body and providing the trinity with space to work in.

"Being part of serving with Centrepoint Church has been instrumental in furthering my relationship with Jesus. It has allowed me time to bond with others serving alongside me and also to help literally build the space for church to happen in.

"It has also played a huge part in my discipleship journey, I was established in that team and have been encouraged to stretch myself in my faith and it led to other opportunities that I would never have imagined possible.

"I have now been the ministry team leader of two teams, started a brand new ministry team for our church and also dabbled in preaching.

"All of this, in all seriousness, is due to that initial involvement on almost day one with what seemed like simply setting out some lights and sound equipment. But God has used this simple act of service to start me on a journey, a journey that I’m not sure where it’s heading, but I’m excited to be a part of it and to be going on this journey with my church, Centrepoint.”


The invitation is there for you too. Come and Build With Us. Bring your gifts, your talents, your abilities and thrive in your relationship with Jesus as you put them to use in His church. We have opporunties throughout the church in Kids Ministry, Welcome Team, Set-up Team, Worship Team and Hospitality. We see a church where people are flourishing in their relationship with Jesus and it creates a buzz of faith in the community. We see a church where people love Jesus and love each other. Will you come and Build With Us?

Email Rory.Macdonald@centrepointchurch.org for for info and to get involved. Maybe God will do in your life what He has done in the lives of Scott and many others as you serve and invest in His church.