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I still remember my first fast. I hated it. It was a 3-day fast, liquid only, about a year or two after I became a Christian. Now, I don't know about you, but I love food. I love the feeling of having a nice fully tummy and that all around feeling of warmth and well-being. 

You know what though, I made a crucial mistake before beginning my fast: I just assumed it was about not eating to somehow get closer to God and didn't find out what it actually is. Word of advice: DON'T DO THAT!

This is why, ahead of our church wide fast, which you are invited to join in with, we have produced this handy dandy guide. The truth is fasting is brilliant if done properly, miserable if done improperly. Coming up in this blog series is a guide of what you need to know to have a great fast and align your heart to go deeper with God in 2016!