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How To Bring Your Gifts To Life

Have you ever been given a gift by someone, maybe for a birthday or christmas, that you just didn't know what to do with? The kind of gift you open and then go: 'Huh? How do I use that?'

Then later, perhaps after several months have passed, the gift giver comes to you and asks "how are you getting on with the gift I gave you?"

You then tell them, "oh, it's great - thanks" whilst scrambling in your mind to remember where it is, knowing all along that it is still in the packaging. 

I wonder how many of us have been given gifts and abilities by God that are still in the packaging? How many of us have an incling of something we've been blessed with but have never put it to use, whether due to a lack of know how, a lack of willingness, fear, time constraints, shyness or all of the above?


God has given us gifts for the gifts to be used. When I was fifteen my parents gave me a new set of golf clubs for my birthday. If I said "thanks" and then just shoved them in a cupboard and never used them, that would defeat the point of the gift. Those golf clubs were given to me so I could play, have fun and grow my ability. 

Our gifts from God are no different - they are given to be used. In using them we will experience deep joy, deep fulfillment and growth. More than that though, they can become instruments of worship in our everyday life. Our gifts can be used to glorify God and bless His church and others. 

We believe not only in gifts being activated and used to their fullness, but in lives being activated and used to their fullness. Part of how we do that here at Centrepoint Church is through our Ministry Teams. 


We're inviting you to look at this full list of our current service opportunities, pick one and email us to tell us what caught your eye. From there, we can connect you with that ministry team's leader so you can explore further.

Here's some of our current opportunities:

PRODUCTION - Creating the environment in which people worship God.

SOUND - This is an essential ministry that can make or break the excellence of our Sunday morning worship service.

WELCOME - Express the warmth of Jesus to people coming in and create that first impression that says "You are welcome here."

KIDS CHURCH - lay biblical foundations in the next generation of leaders in a fun and engaging kids service envionment.

HOSPITALITY - Show people a glimpse of what God's family is like through providing the hospitality over which friendships and community are built.

WORSHIP - We are always on the lookout for talented musicians and singers to help lead people into the presence of God through music.

PRAYER - Set the spiritual climate each Sunday through prayer.

COMMUNITY GROUP LEADER - Get the training and support you need to make disciples and grow as a leader in Jesus.


Ok, so now you've read this, email us and tell us what caught your eye to explore further.

When you do so we will put your in touch with the leader of that ministry team. At this point you are just exploring - you're not committed to anything.

Be encouraged though - at least explore it! You never know what God might want to bring to life in your life and through your gifts.