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Ten amazing years and looking to the future...

This past Sunday was hugely significant in the life of Centrepoint Church. Why? Because we were celebrating being 10-years old! That means 10-years of telling people about Jesus, 10-years in which lives have been changed and people have been baptized. It's been 10-years of people coming and going, 10-years of setting up, tearing down and working alongside each other to serve Jesus in Scotland.

Thanking God for the Past

As we looked back on what has gone before, ruminated on what's happening now and cast our vision forward to the future, the stories we heard had a common thread which has remained constant and true through the highs and lows: God is good.



We heard stories from people from a variety of backgrounds - some who were part right at the very beginning before the church plant team was even fully assembled, others who came to faith in this very church. Some came in as christians passionate about Jesus, others struggling in their faith and others still as atheists. 

God has met and touched people wherever they are over the past decade.

A Vision for Worship

The room we celebrated in was in St Thomas' Aquinas' HS in Edinburgh which was set up as a possible vision of the future as the church continues to grow. And, as you can see from the above picture, it was packed! 

The history of what God has done through Centrepoint Church was truly honoured, we thanked God for His continued goodness now to our one church with two congregations and He in turn blessed us with a rich and powerful time of worship.


What's in the Future

Looking to the future, Nathan Lewis shared that God is calling us further up and further in to a deepening walk with God. Pastor Tom Jackson, head of Centrepoint Church in Scotland as a whole and also pastor over our Bathgate congregation, spoke of our continued vision to plant yet more churches across Scotland. 

Visiting us from London as head over EveryNation Europe, Pastor Wolfi Eckleben, challenged our vision yet further to look to Europe - to pray for other nations and to ask God to reach people across this whole continent.

What remained true of the whole night is that God has brought us through what we couldn't do without Him, is leading us as only He can and is calling us to a God sized vision for our own lives personally and for us as a church.