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The God Test: What, why, where, when!


What is The God Test, and why should I think about taking part?

Centrepoint Church exists to empower people to follow Jesus.  And part of following Jesus means sharing Jesus people who don't yet know him!

Actually, it's more than part - it's fundamental to our call as Christians!  In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus calls his first disciples with the words, 'Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men,' and he ends the same book by commissioning those followers to take his message to the ends of the earth by making disciples of all nations.

So telling people about Jesus, or communicating the gospel, or sharing our faith - whatever you'd like to call it - is absolutely central to our calling as the church!

But when it comes to it, many of us simply don't know where to start.  How can we begin to engage with people in conversations about faith?  How can we share the message of Jesus in ways that connect with those around us?  How can we grow in our ability to confidently and lovingly proclaim the truth of the gospel?


This is where The God Test comes in!  It's a simple survey tool, designed to foster conversations about life, faith, and truth through a series of questions that help you understand someone's personal beliefs - and when invited, to share your own.

Through Starting a conversation, Asking questions, Listening, and then Telling the story (or S.A.L.T. for short) you'll discover how engaging, non-confrontational, and fun sharing the gospel can be!

We run The God Test on every Tuesday, from 12pm to 2pm on Middle Meadow Walk

We'd love you to join us!  Build your faith, grow your confidence in sharing the gospel, and let's see what God can do through us!

Find out more about The God Test and download your free app here.

Contact Gordon to sign up for this team.  See you then!