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What if we're all wrong?

If you're like me then you did not grow up in a christian home. Don't get me wrong: we didn't paint ourselves blue and dance round any fires or commit a slew of criminal acts or anything like that. What is true though is that Jesus was not at the centre of our lives, nor was He mentioned.

Easter = Malteaser Easter Eggs

Consequently, to me Easter meant one thing and one delicious thing only: chocolate eggs. More specifically, Malteaser Easter Eggs. It would be fair to say for most people in the UK that that is probably true.

As to the religious element of easter, my childhood recollection of the easter story is this: "It's when Jesus rolled a muckle rock away from a cave."

The Basis of Our Understanding

Much of my understanding of christianity as a whole was based on these half stories and half truths which I wove into an understanding of what I thought christianity was. And you know what, what I understood christianity to be was not something that enticed me towards it.  

I perceived christians to be weird, socially awkward, dressing in a manner that was two decades out of date. I thought they were judgemental and percieved themselves to be better than others. And what result did that have? It meant I never pursued understanding of the christian faith, I had my understanding. 

But guess what? My understanding was wrong. 


When we roll off the back of our own assumptions, many times we miss things. It's like when I drive somewhere that I think I've been before. I assume I have a feel for it, I assume I know the way. But then I realise that I don't have a clue where I'm going and so hurriedly consult my GPS.

In the story of the events surrounding the historical arrest, trial, execution and resurrection of Jesus we find a story that radically challenges the way that we view Jesus, christianity and life as a whole. 

Understanding Easter will change everything. 

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