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Follow Jesus: The Church

November 6, 2017 Speaker: Gordon Wright Series: Follow Jesus: Be Disciples, Make Disciples

Topic: Sunday Gathering Passage: 1 Corinthians 12:12–12:27, Ephesians 1:22–1:23

One of the central images the New Testament uses to describe the church, the people of God, is as 'the body of Christ' - but what does that mean, and why does it matter?

Often we only consider the internal implications of this image, because it describes how we should fit together with our different gifts and abilities.  But to truly understand how the body of Christ works, we must first recognise what that body is supposed to do...

So what is the purpose of the body of Christ?  Discover how this is not simply a metaphor to describe how we fit together, but an identity statement that fundamentally shapes our purpose as his people - to represent and express Jesus to the world!

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