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If the Lord Delights in Us

November 4, 2018 Speaker: Gordon Wright Series: One Off Messages

Topic: Sunday Gathering Passage: Numbers 13:25–13:33, Numbers 14:1–14:10, Romans 8:31–8:32, Zephaniah 3:17–3:17

What is the key to building great faith?  What if right now we feel stuck in fear - how can that confidence sapping fear become overcoming faith?  What do people of strong faith know that we don't?

In this message from Numbers 13 and 14 we look at two vastly different responses from God's people as they stand on the edge of their inheritance, the promised land.  Most choose fear - but two, Joshua and Caleb, choose faith.

Discover that far from being hopeless optimists or silver linings playbookers, these men had settled in their hearts something way more significant, which gave rise to the extraordinary faith they display in this story.  When we have a revelation of God's delight in us, fear has to flee and faith has to rise!

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