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Ministry Teams

Our awesome ministry teams create a place each Sunday where people can encounter Jesus and connect with our community - we'd love you to join us!  

Volunteering is a great way to make new friends, contribute to the life of our church, and serve Jesus in practical ways.  Please contact our pastor Gordon if you'd like to get connected to one of our teams!

Welcome - Carolyn Vass

The friendly faces who set up the signs, banners, and connection cards, then warmly greet everyone who comes to church!

Hospitality - Meggie Sherriffs

Creating space for conversations and community on a Sunday morning, which we do by providing tea, coffee, and home baking!

Sound - James Whitehouse

Setting up and controlling the sound levels throughout the service, making sure the worship band sound great and our preachers can be heard clearly.

Kids - Grace Wright

We are passionate about the kids in our church gorwing in faith, experiencing a healthy, diverse church family, and most importantly having fun and excitign encounters with Jesus!

Creche - Logan & Fiona Black

Laying the first foundations for our children aged 6 months to 3 years to love Jesus, as well as blessing parents and carers by giving them time to enjoy the sermon.

Worship - Zoe Anderson

Commited to bringing communal worship together each Sunday, to invite others into time with Jesus each week through music.

Production - Jamie MacRae

Devoted to creating the space the church uses to come into worship.  We serve by runing the proejction and spending time before and after the service setting up and taking down our gear.

Prayer - Kirsty MacRae

Being available to pray for and with people after church, giving folks space to open up and share any worries, concerns, or thanksgiving.

Hosting & Announcements - Donald Cowan

The front of house team who welcome everyone to church each week, as well as helping communicate the various events and opportunities we have coming up every month.